method getAuthorizationUrl documentation in bbn\Api\Permissions\MolliePermissions

function() { // Fetch the authorization URL from the provider; this returns the // urlAuthorize option and generates and applies any necessary parameters // (e.g. state). $authorizationUrl = $this->provider->getAuthorizationUrl([ // Optional, only use this if you want to ask for scopes the user previously denied. 'approval_prompt' => 'force', // Optional, a list of scopes. Defaults to only ''. 'scope' => [ Mollie::SCOPE_PAYMENTS_READ, Mollie::SCOPE_PAYMENTS_WRITE, Mollie::SCOPE_REFUNDS_READ, Mollie::SCOPE_REFUNDS_WRITE, Mollie::SCOPE_CUSTOMERS_READ, Mollie::SCOPE_CUSTOMERS_WRITE, Mollie::SCOPE_MANDATES_READ, Mollie::SCOPE_MANDATES_WRITE, Mollie::SCOPE_SUBSCRIPTIONS_READ, Mollie::SCOPE_SUBSCRIPTIONS_WRITE, Mollie::SCOPE_PROFILES_READ, Mollie::SCOPE_PROFILES_WRITE, Mollie::SCOPE_INVOICES_READ, Mollie::SCOPE_SETTLEMENTS_READ, Mollie::SCOPE_ORDERS_READ, Mollie::SCOPE_ORDERS_WRITE, Mollie::SCOPE_SHIPMENTS_READ, Mollie::SCOPE_SHIPMENTS_WRITE, Mollie::SCOPE_ORGANIZATIONS_READ, Mollie::SCOPE_ORGANIZATIONS_WRITE, Mollie::SCOPE_ONBOARDING_READ, Mollie::SCOPE_ONBOARDING_WRITE, ], ]); return $authorizationUrl; }

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