We create tailor-made softwares for companies through Single Page Applications and we provide long-term support for the software we build. As the years went by, we have often changed the libraries we used, the way we build our apps, or even the way we code. It made support more and more difficult on our old apps. So when we decided to move to VueJS for our UI, we committed ourselves to only use our own API and components for both front and back-end, whatever the libraries used behind are. That would allow us to easily upgrade our older apps without touching the source code. We don't pretend to reinvent the wheel, although we do a bit, but mostly to have a single consistent API that will stay fresh for the whole time we'll operate. We will soon launch an open-source application (App-UI) for which we would love to build a community, and this is the reason for this website to exist.

BBN is a suite of PHP and JS libraries and VueJS components - all open-source! bbn.io, build applications, the quick way

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