method __construct documentation in bbn\Appui\Cms

Cms constructor.

function(bbn\Db $db, bbn\Appui\Note $note = NULL) { parent::__construct($db); $this->cacheInit(); $this->event = new Event($this->db); $this->opt = Option::getInstance(); $this->url = new Url($this->db); $this->media = new Medias($this->db); if (!self::$_id_event) { $id = $this->opt->fromCode('publication', 'types', 'event', 'appui'); self::_set_id_event($id); } if (!$note) { $this->note = new Note($this->db); } else { $this->note = $note; } $this->class_cfg = X::mergeArrays( $this->note->getClassCfg(), $this->url->getClassCfg(), $this->event->getClassCfg() ); }

Cms constructor. BBN is a suite of PHP and JS libraries and VueJS components - all open-source!, build applications, the quick way

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