method delete documentation in bbn\Appui\Mailing

Deletes the mailing and relative emails.

function(string $id) { // We do not delete mailings which have been sent if ($this->countSent($id)) { //return 0; } $success = null; $mailing = $this->getMailing($id); if (!empty($mailing['id_note'])) { $notes = $this->_note(); //if the notes has media removes media before to remove the note if ($medias = $notes->getMedias($mailing['id_note'])) { foreach ($medias as $media){ $notes->removeMedia($media['id'], $mailing['id_note']); } } // if there are emails with the given id_mailing if ($this->db->count('bbn_emails', ['id_mailing' => $id])) { //it removes the emails ready or cancelled relative to this id_mailing $this->deleteAllEmails($id); } if (!$this->db->count('bbn_emails', ['id_mailing' => $id])) { //deletes the row $success = $this->db->delete("bbn_emailings", ['id' => $id]); //$notes->remove($mailing['id_note']); } } return $success; }

Deletes the mailing and relative emails. BBN is a suite of PHP and JS libraries and VueJS components - all open-source!, build applications, the quick way

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