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Execute lessphp on a .less file or a lessphp cache structure

The lessphp cache structure contains information about a specific less file having been parsed. It can be used as a hint for future calls to determine whether or not a rebuild is required.

The cache structure contains two important keys that may be used externally:

compiled: The final compiled CSS updated: The time (in seconds) the CSS was last compiled

The cache structure is a plain-ol' PHP associative array and can be serialized and unserialized without a hitch.

function($in, $force = false) { $root = null; if (is_string($in)) { $root = $in; } elseif (is_array($in) and isset($in['root'])) { if ($force or ! isset($in['files'])) { // If we are forcing a recompile or if for some reason the // structure does not contain any file information we should // specify the root to trigger a rebuild. $root = $in['root']; } elseif (isset($in['files']) and is_array($in['files'])) { foreach ($in['files'] as $fname => $ftime ) { if (!file_exists($fname) or filemtime($fname) > $ftime) { // One of the files we knew about previously has changed // so we should look at our incoming root again. $root = $in['root']; break; } } } } else { // TODO: Throw an exception? We got neither a string nor something // that looks like a compatible lessphp cache structure. return null; } if ($root !== null) { // If we have a root value which means we should rebuild. $out = array(); $out['root'] = $root; $out['compiled'] = $this->compileFile($root); $out['files'] = $this->allParsedFiles(); $out['updated'] = time(); return $out; } else { // No changes, pass back the structure // we were given initially. return $in; } }

Execute lessphp on a .less file or a lessphp cache structure BBN is a suite of PHP and JS libraries and VueJS components - all open-source!, build applications, the quick way

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