method __construct documentation in bbn\Cron\Runner

Runner constructor.

function(bbn\Cron $cron, array $cfg) { //if ( defined('BBN_DATA_PATH') ){ if (!empty($cfg['type']) && $cron->check()) { $this->controller = $cron->getController(); $this->cron = $cron; $this->log_file = $cron->getLogFile(); $this->db = $this->controller->db; // It must be called from a plugin (appui-cron actually) //$this->path = BBN_DATA_PATH.'plugins/appui-cron/'; $this->path = $this->controller->dataPath('appui-cron'); $this->data = $cfg; $this->type = $cfg['type']; $this->timer = new bbn\Util\Timer(); } }

Runner constructor. BBN is a suite of PHP and JS libraries and VueJS components - all open-source!, build applications, the quick way

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